Boarding Boarding

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We proudly offer full and training board at Chana Dero Stables. We are firm believers that each horse is different and different needs must be met to sustain a happy and healthy life. 

We offer stall boarding or a run-in shed, all day or 24/7 turn out. Turn out can be individual, buddy or a small group. In the winter we provide blanket changes (with-in reason), summer fly masks and fly sheets. 

Amply hay is fed during the day we have 1st and 2nd cut, often during the summer we get it locally from a neighboring field. Most of our horses are on Poulin grains, but we can feed other grains if wanted. Stalled horses have their stalls cleaned daily and deeply bedded.

Full Board

$ 515 Per Month
  • Multi Horse Discount $500/month per horse on full board.

Training Board

Starting at
$ 825 Per Month
  • Full board + 3 training sessions per week.
  • $900 Full board + 4 training sessions per week.
  • $1050 Full board + 5 training sessions per week & 1 lesson per week